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Get the Leading Hand Tied Hair Extension System Giving You the Natural Hair Extensions You’ve Always Wanted With No DAMAGE!

With Mane Luxe Hair Extensions You Get Stunning, Natural Looking Hair with Seamless Color, and Minimal Effort!
Get the Leading Hand Tied Hair Extension System Giving You the Natural Hair Extensions You’ve Always Wanted With No DAMAGE. Our SLIM & COVERT foundation offers ultimate comfort, flexibility and is undetectable even to the touch! Our method Won’t Slip Out, Style with Ease, and won't Show – Even With a Ponytail!
It’s Simple, Yet Amazing.


STEP 01:

Your Personalized Mane Luxe® EXPERIENCE 

Our mission is to give you a “one-of-a-kind”, Personalized Hair Experience where you'll end up leaving the Salon Transformed; Feeling Energized, On-Fire, Sexy and Confident.
You'll be surrounded with like-minded sisters who share your belief and understanding that this is about more than “just hair” - That Your Hair Is Your #1 Asset, and Your Statement Piece.
That's why we make every effort to ensure you are taken care of every second of your time with us, and also why we've designed this to be time-effective while also giving you a luxurious, quality experience.

STEP 02:

Covet + Mane Hand-Tied Hair 

Covet + Mane Hand-Tied Hair is the highest quality hair available today, and supports our mission of giving you a more natural and fuller appearance, softer and better color blends, while ensuring your hair extensions not only look healthy, but also lasts much longer.
It's all 100% Remy Hair, comes with Less Silicone, and the color is pre-rooted and pre-toned for amazing blends. AND the Cuticle is intact. For YOU, this means less tangle, less shed, and more longevity. Expertly Sourced Hair
Meticulously dyed to deliver cool and brass-free colors that won’t fade.
Plus, Covet + Mane Hair is double drawn which means it is the same length, so you get thick, full hair from roots to ends - blending beautifully with all hair lengths - even if you have chin length bobs.

STEP 03:

Creating the Beautiful, Natural Color Blend 

If your color doesn't blend perfectly, it's a dead giveaway you have hair extensions. That's why we pride ourselves with our Custom Coloring Process of both the Hand Tied Hair, AND Your Natural Hair. 

When you first come in, we bring out hair to show you different colors, and ultimately come up with a game plan for YOUR customized process of Luxury Hair Extensions and hair color the day of your appointment.


Your Artist get to work making sure You Get the Natural Color Blend M STYLING is known for.

STEP 04:

Installing Your Mane Luxe® Hair Extensions

Not only is the whole process time-effective and only takes 3 hours to complete, the installation process is also PAIN FREE! (If you have worn extensions before you know how great this sounds) 

There's no Glue or Tape involved, and even the removal process is quick and painless taking just about 2 minutes!

PLUS, unlike most hair extension methods, Mane Luxe® Hair Extensions doesn't damage to your own hair, completely invisible and won’t slip out!

In fact, in most cases, our method of Extensions helps to IMPROVE the Long-Term Health of your Natural Hair because it's light-weight, and needs minimal effort.

STEP 05:

Styling your Mane Luxe® Hair Extensions

The result of MANE LUXE® HAIR EXTENSIONS simply is amazing and looks just as good IN-PERSON as it does in Before & After Photos - and can be worn in multiple different styles without showing.

You can even throw your hair in a ponytail and head to the gym without having to look in the mirror to make sure anything is showing, and your ponytail will even be “Instagram Worthy.”

Plus, our extensions also holds curls really well, doesn't get as oily as most natural hair, and is the perfect hair solution for a busy, active life-style.

At your appointment, we'll discuss, show and teach you different styles that not only looks amazing, but also easy, quick and efficient to do

STEP 06:

Your Mane Luxe® Hair Extension Photo Shoot

At the end of your Reservation, you'll be invited to a FUN and Exciting Photo Shoot!

This is far more than “just hair”.

Your Hair Is Your #1 Asset, and Your Statement Piece...

...and THIS is your moment to truly SHINE, and will be a celebratory moment you'll appreciate, cherish and remember forever.

STEP 07:

Taking Care of Your Mane Luxe® Hair Extensions 

During your reservation, we'll be talking about how to care for your New Luxury Hair so you can Protect Your Investment. 

We'll go through washing routines, hair care products to use - AND, what NOT to use - so you know exactly how to maintain the health, integrity and quality of your hair.

Meet Michaela Breci

Founder of Mane Luxe®, Owner of M Styling Salon  and Creator of the Mane Luxe®  Extension Method, a Sonoma County Local with over 17 years industry and coaching experience.

As an Extension Specialist and Industry Business Coach Michaela was seeing common solution for a problem both Guest and Stylist were experiencing

After years of consulting guests on their previous experience with Hair Extensions and training industry artist, Michaela saw issues both guests and stylists were facing. Guest were looking for extensions that are gently on the hair, wouldn’t cause scalp irritation, extensions that are lightweight and flexible,  blend seamlessly with the natural hair, are effortless to wear and could be hidden even when in a ponytail even with fine fragile hair.  Stylists were struggling to find an extension method they could stand behind, a method that was gentle on the hair and scalp, was time friendly to install, and could help them curate a high level of success while working less behind the chair. 

Michaela began the design and curation of Mane Luxe® , offering stylist and guest a solution to both their problems. Guest can experience a safe and healthy method of Hair Extensions that will give them the hair they have always desired, and Stylist have the support and mentorship needed to be one of the Elite Artist in the industry using the tools of Mane Luxe®  Business Strategies and the Mane Luxe® Method.

- Michaela Breci,

Creator of Mane Luxe® Hair Extensions


I am the owner of M STYLING BOUTIQUE SALON located in the heart of Windsor, California in the beautiful Town Green Village.
M Styling is a team based salon of highly educated stylists. Each stylist goes through a very detailed training program to ensure the highest level of service for our guests. It’s our goal to make sure we give you the hair of your dreams while maintaining the integrity of your hair.
When you step through the door you are sure to feel like nothing less than a celebrity! This begins with our intimate client experience. When you arrive you will be warmly greeted by our Salon Director and offered an assortment of beverages! This includes anything from a custom M STYLING Latte, to our champagne topped with edible flowers. But we don’t stop there; we also make sure to keep you full with an assortment of snacks. We offer delicious signature sugar cookies as well as create a personalized playlist of music just for you. But best of all, we provide the sweetest puppy to snuggle through your reservation.
We want your time at the salon to be nothing short of luxurious. Once we install your beautiful new hair, we go through a very detailed maintenance and styling lesson. Following your reservation we provide you with detailed How To videos to reference at home. We want to ensure that when you leave the salon, you can recreate your new look at home and we’ll help you by providing a goody bag to get you started!

We can’t wait for you to experience M STYLING!

If you are ready to discover how you can have the most natural, beautiful hair you have always dreamt of, click the link below and we will share how this is possible for you! 

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